Friday, December 28, 2012

Potty/ toilet training continues...

Yeah we are still trying, without putting pressure on her.  It is mostly her own choice.  Whenever my daugther goes, 'Mommy, nah shishi kat tandas..' or 'Mommy, nak yak kat tandas...' We will still take her.  She decides, whether to put on diapers or not, but we haven't had diaperless situation for more than half an hour yet.  She still had her little 'accident', in fact just last night she peed on my carpet.  Yeaaap.
Anyway I just want to share this photo of The First Years toilet seat cover which we bought at one of the baby shop in The Curve Mutiara Damansara, just about 2 weeks ago.  Price, RM71 (originally was higher but we got some discount due to sale). 
The front view

The back
It works so far, it has an adjustable bracket which you can securely fit on the toilet seat.
It is easy to take out and put back on. 
With this seat, my daughter actually had the courage to get down from the seat on her own.  A bit dangerous, I know, but she feels safer I think.
Made from easy to clean material. 
Has a soft cushion seat, makes your little one comfortable.
I think my little girl loves it.  She knew it was for her even when we were at the shop.  What surprised me was that she even knew what its for!  Amazing, eh? 
But then again, as I was saying, no pressure.  I do not want her to get confused, or feel the pressure at all.  The day care starts toilet training at 3 years old, so I think it will be better then, if we really start 100% when they start.  I believe it is important not to create confusion in her, as in, heyyy why can't I pee in my diapers at home, but I can in school? 
Let's try this, a little at a time :-)

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