Friday, December 28, 2012

Breastfeeding my twins

That is one of the biggest question in my head at the moment, other than will I be able to deliver both normally, and whether both will be OK (inshaAllah).  

Haven't done much research yet on breastfeeding the twins, but some infos I have already obtained, and I am not sure if I will be fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

Those who have read my previous breastfeeding experiences with Ayesha would know, it wasn't a very pretty journey for me in the very beginning.  But it worked out fine.  I had series of emotional breakdown, and that was with one kid.  Now imagine breastfeeding two?

Some of the things that I know will help me later,

- Must drink plenty of fluids.
- Start establish milk early.
- Learn the positions to breastfeed both kids together.  Apparently this helps you to rest more, rather than breastfeeding them one by one.
- Be prepared and be positive of all the sleepless nights to come later.
- Get my lanolin cream, breast shield, breast pump and all the related gadgets ready before delivery. 
- Be prepared of any challenges to come ahead.
- Dhuas.  Loads of those will help inshaAllah.  

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