Thursday, January 03, 2013

My Girl

Macam- macam gelagat anak yang dah 2 tahun 3 bulan ni.  She made me laugh most of the time, but she also made Mommy turns green (read, incredible hulk) at times.  

Some of her latest act includes merajuk when she couldn't get what she wants.  The rolling on the floor tantrum (which thank God was only for a short while) was gone for a while now.  When we go out to eat, or shop, she will always choose a dress or pyjamas or top that she loves, and says, "Mommy, kakak nak beli baju..."  When you tell her, we will buy this next time, she will either cry, or walk away in frustration, and be very quiet.  She won't even let us hold her hands... Say "jangan" to our every actions, or "diam" if we make fun of her.  Wherever she gets that from. 

Belum kira lagi bila pegi shop penuh satu trolley, she will say stuff like, "Yang ni dah habis kat rumah... Kena beli ni Mommy..." dan dengan selambanya masukkan dalam basket or trolley.

Suka bergaya, siang atau malam.  She chooses what she wants to wear, sometimes it is a complete mismatch which annoys me.  I can't handle it.  But if I wanted her to get simple, like in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, she will tell me that the t-shirt is 'baju tidur' so she won't wear them. 

She wants to wear high heels, she loves buying shoes the way I do, and change them as she likes.  What troubles me is when she chooses the one which is hard to put on, and I hate to trouble her teachers in school.

She also loves jewellery, I can't take off her gold necklace for school, so had replaced this with a white gold instead for her safety.  Any other jewelleries you can persuade her into wearing easily, simply by saying, "Kakak, cantik nya".

She kisses my tummy, and says "Mommy got baby...".  She also told me once that "Kakak anak Mommy, baby bukan anak Mommy."  Errmmmm.  Quite disturbing, eh? 

She 'tries' to be helpful in the kitchen, hanging clothes and tidying up the house.  Though mostly it causes a mess.  I didn't try to stop her, it will only discourage her.

She does many other things that continue to cheer me up during my downs.  Oh, I love this girl.  She is, my girl.  

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