Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Graco Travel System (Preloved) For Sale

Edit:  SOLD
I am letting the above go.  Main reason was that I need to get a twin stroller for my twins.  I can keep the car seat, but then it will defeat the purpose of me selling this so- called travel system. 

Belonged to my first daughter, only used during early months (from 2 months to 6 months).  Mostly used indoor, in good condition, the materials for the car seat is washable.  Selling price is RM400 for the whole set.  Payment terms, cash on delivery. 

To purchase, drop me an e-mail at and you can make appointment with me for viewing.  I am only up for meeting at Jusco Cheras Selatan since I am carrying a heavy lot in my tummy, oh well, two :p.  Then you can try fixing the car seat and the stroller in your boot to see if it fits your car, especially the stroller since the travel system's design is a bit bulky.  It fits my proton's boot well.

Photos as promised:

Some additional info for you:

Why Purchase A Travel System?  Read here
"Portability. A travel system is basically a full-size, stand-alone stroller and a compatible infant car seat that clips into the stroller when you’re on foot or into the car when you’re on (big) wheels. The beauty is that since most babies drift off on even short car rides, an infant stroller travel system allows you to switch sleeping beauty from car to stroller without disturbing her dreams. Another plus: An infant stroller travel system provides the only stroller you’ll ever need. Once your baby outgrows the infant car seat, the stand-alone stroller goes solo for the long haul."


Anonymous said...

hello, where you purchase this graco travel system? can give me the address? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

and the price? thanks..

Diana Abdul Molok said...


check out,