Thursday, January 31, 2013

The girls

I have reached 25 weeks going on 26 of my pregancy. Went for follow up with my gynae yesterday, alhamdulillah my health condition (bp, glucose) are alright.

Some updates on pregnancy, at 25 weeks I eat better, I have very bad throbbing backpain especially at night and already get edema (my kaki gajah la). Not forgetting the bad leg cramp during sleep, which of course is never ever sound through the night, not anymore. I can feel strong fetal movement and thats a yeayyy for thats my assurance that they're both alrite.

Ohhh and the new surprise yesterday from the follow up... I asked for the gender and my gynae said they are both girls!!! She is highly +ve about it, because of the female organ clearly showing. Yeayyyy more cute dresses and shoe shopping for us. I will be raising 3 shopaholic that's for sure hahaha.

Anyway that's the main purpose of today's update. To reveal to you their gender :p.

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