Monday, February 04, 2013


Ok its that fun part of pregnancy again!  Figuring out names for your loved one!  This was my post when deciding to name my first princess,
I have actually reserved some names for both boys and girls during my early pregnancy.  However now that I know both of them are girls, let's just share the girls names, yeah? 
Ohh but before that Mr Hubby decided to keep the name 'Amani' so yeah this time the girls are going to have two names too... How I wish they don't but well let's keep both of us happy ya?
So here goes, my shortlisted names for now :-)
Ariana Amani (Very Holy/ Wishes,Aspirations, Hope)
Adrina Amani (Happines/ Wishes,Aspirations, Hope)
Aerilyn Amani (Beautiful Air/ Wishes,Aspirations, Hope)
Wafa Thahirah (Loyalty/Holy)
Tasnim Amani (The waterfall in paradise/Wishes,Aspirations, Hope)
Zaynah Amani (beautiful, beauty/ Wishes,Aspirations, Hope)
Zehra Amani (Flower, bright/ Wishes,Aspirations, Hope)
So which two names do you like most?  For now both of us are going for Ariana Amani and Aerilyn Amani.  That might change later, depends.  I know hubby loves the name Zehra Amani too but we've decided to go for the letter A, just like our eldest princess Ayesha Amani. 

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Lawa Creative said...

arghhh susahnya nak pilih...hehe...i like....(sibukkan nak juga) Adrina Amani & Ariana Amani