Friday, June 04, 2010

It is time to name my little princess...

"On the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your names and by your father's names, so give yourselves good names. " - Hadith - Bukhari

I always thought if it is too early to bring up the naming fun and excitement.  Every parents are excited about naming their child, believe you me!  They will come up with combination of names, based on many aspects. 

As a Muslim, I am well aware that my precious should be given a meaningful name.  Though I claimed to be modern, and to tell you the truth have actually thought of many modern name for this little princess, I referred back to Hadith.  Yes only because I want life to be lived according to Hadith and Sunnah.  You see me in person you will probably never believe this is me talking, but yes, it is how I am going to live little by little. 

Anyway hoping that the doctor is right, I have lined up girls name and only one boy name so far.  I thought of Zahra (Bright, brilliant, radiant, shining, luminious) , Aaliyah (Highest social standing, exalted) and many more.  But I am mostly attracted by the name Aisha or Ayesha (Living, well- off, well-to-do, prosperous).

Then my husband and I watched a short TV series on TV3 in Malay called 'Adamaya'.  They had a daughter in the movie called 'Amani'.  I refused at first because I didn't know if Amani had a meaning.  Also, ah well because at first I thought I wanted the name 'Adriana' followed by another name which has meaning in Arabic since Adriana does not have any Arabic meaning! 

When I mentioned this to a dear friend of mine Timmy , she said actually the name 'Amani' has a beautiful meaning and she showed me a website.  I came across this website before but never used it.  'Amani' means wishes, aspirations, hopes.  Then I thought the name Adriana Amani actually sounds pretty good.  I know that 'Adriana' means girl from Hadria in Spanish before.  But after extensive search I found another meaning which means black.  Probably not what I want to name my princess. 

It finally came to me, the name Ayesha Amani sounds beautiful.  It soothes my ears, my mind, my everything!  Then it is decided, Ayesha Amani.  I kept saying the name in my head many times and it didn't lose its effect.  So there, princess, from this day onwards you will be called Ayesha Amani.  Ayesha Amani...

Ayesha : Living, well-off, well-to-do, prosperous. Aisha (d.678): wife of the Prophet Muhammad and daughter of Kahlifa Abu Bakr.

Amani : Wishes, aspirations, hopes; pl. of Umniyah.

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