Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Meeting my precious little princess at 23 weeks, 5 days

I was at Hopkins Women's Specialist Clinic, Kota Damansara again yesterday (8th June, 2010) at 6.30pm for my appointment.  We were greeted by the ever so helpful nurse who I am guessing is in her late 30s.  Her name was Tan and she was like our first visit very helpful and accommodating. 

It was quiet at first and I thought we were the only customers then, but oh well, people started pouring in and we were lucky we had an appointment!  It was my second time there and my first visit was a last minute one so there weren't any other people in so I didn't know what the reputation was like. All I knew is that Hopkins is a nice place with a very welcoming environment.

After I went through the routine urine and blood pressure test, I once again met Dr Iswaran, whom both hubby and I called our 'favourite' doctor since we first me him.  Our judgement was based on how comfortable he made us feel, how well he treated both of us as a couple expecting their first child, his tactful voice, knowledge and everything else about this doctor made us welcomed and at home.

He asked me how I felt, and calculated my due date, again, as all doctors do everytime we meet them.  Then I mentioned my anemic situation and how I feel like fainting most of the time.  He gave advise and prescribed me with iron capsule (which I happen to run out of at the moment).  He mentioned that in two weeks he'd like to perform a detailed scan of our baby, that we need to see the full body and everything else.  Owh my I am so excited. 

Then we proceeded with our scan, and yes both hubby and I are still excited like the first time.  Who wouldn't want to take a peek at their precious when the precious had been so actively moving inside her womb!  And hubby had felt this movement with his own hands. 

Alhamdulillah everything went well, the doctor showed us the spinal cord, the eyes, the heart, the little fingers and toes, the knee, the tongue which was visible and she looked like she was trying to put her thumb inside her mouth (again!!!), and everything else we see was like heaven!  She's a good one this one, she was relaxing so well like the doctor said 'she's like chilling on the beach, trying to tell mummy that she's fine'.  Every now and then she moved her legs up as if she was stretching her bodies, and moved her hands to meet her legs.  There were so many movement in there I thought I felt tears in my eyes and I saw hubby smiling.

We tried to take a look at the sex again, and the doctor said still isn't very clear but the '3 lines sign' is still visible.  He is positive she is a girl, for now, unless the testicles decided to show one day!  Owh but I am also positive that this is mummy's little princess.  Do know that whatever it is, I will love my child as much.  I swear I will not let anything touch or harm her, and I will protect her from the world. 

She now weighs 550 grams.  Still very small I assume, and the mother weights 70.75kg!  I told the doctor, so mummy is the one gaining weight, not her.  Dr. Iswaran said it is OK, and not to worry too much about the weight gain as this is normal.  As long as I don't pick up hypertension or diabetes later on he said.  Though I must remember to eat nutritional food only and no junks as baby consumes whatever I put in my mouth. 

The visit went well, and we were both satisfied with our Hopkins doctor and the baby's progress.  I can sleep well knowing that my princess is doing well, the best she can to stay health in mummy's womb.  I sure hope things will be as well later on approaching labour. 

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS

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