Friday, June 18, 2010

It is the first time I feel I do not want to diversify!

Hahah I suppose I can write about anything I like, sebab this is my blog, my page and so I have the right to!  My princess is kicking me real hard while I wrote that excalamation mark.  LOL.  Dia boleh rasa kot apa mummy dia rasa.  

Aku rasa bila aku dah start losing momentum, rasa macam tak semangat nak bangun pegi keje, tak look forward to the assignment, maknanya it's time to look elsewhere?  See this is probably the hormone talking.  But it is how I feel at the moment.  Possible tak sebab I am bored of the job?  Bonus dah dapat, increment dapat la sket, besides that income tax kena bayar macam cipan tanah because of some mistake my HR did with my tax deduction.  Nak marah ni, but that is not why I am complaining about work.

You see when I left my other job to be in this one, I wanted to gain more knowledge in the IT field.  I read somewhere that the additional knowledge I can gain by becoming the IT auditor.  As an IT auditor, you see things from a different view, and being an auditor itself requires you to learn about you client's business nature, infrastructure and so on before you started your fieldwork.  So there - gain=auditor I figured that out. 

And so I typed into jobstreet the word IT auditor and MIS auditor and started applying for everything that popped up.  It so happened that 2 weeks after that I was called for interview at this current company and stories cut short I am now working at this company and have been working here for 1 year and 2 months now. 

The problem is, which you may not see as a problem but I do... now that the company is going into some direction where they are stressing on core businesses and sold some companies, it sort of  affected my work as an IT auditor.  Anyway I am on my way to 5th assignment this year and I am already doing operations audit, not IT audit.  Of course I had been warned by my boss before and a few other people had been doing it too.  I just never heard them complaint.  Well, I am the type who complaint. 

Why did it become a problem for me?  Because of the reason I stated in paragraph 3.  I am now very upset that I had to learn something other than IT.  No I am not limiting myself!  I am not stopping myself from diversifying.  I just do not want to be that person who knows a little bit of everything, but never know enough about one area.  I want to specialize.  I'd been wanting to specialize!  

So now I am left with choices - i) stay and learn and be a good auditor , ii) walk out and be a good IT auditor or iii) have the courage to leave it all behind and really really focus on Theredshoes Solutions.  

Ermm first time rasa macam my post is meaningless but nevertheless I am glad I finally let it out....

Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS


Bro said...

Not meaningless at all. Most of us feel the same way, though we proceed to do the necessary from the shadows. One of our friend is already making her way out as she chose door #2. I myself am choosing that same option. Just waiting for the right job offer (position & package) and good company (culture & people)...

Diana Abdul Molok said...

hemm yepp. I feel closer to #2 as well these days, the work has been demotivating and damaging to my own self... I get frustrated when I can't achieve, even more when I can't reach other people's expectation.