Thursday, February 14, 2013

Goodbye sleep

It is that time to say goodbye to sleep again *sleep, I am so going to miss you*.  Just like how I did when I conceived my first baby, but this time earlier.  And... it will take longer and much more sleepless night to raise my twins to the age of my eldest now who sleeps soundly through the night at the age of 2 + years, (my prayers for them, that they both will be alright at birth.  I need yours too...).  So that will be... maybe 3 years walking like a zombie to work everyday?

It ain't easy I tell you, being pregnant.  Not much easier being pregnant with a toddler by your side.  You get resless, and never find that extra 'me time'.  Then there's that frequent toilet visit, no matter how little water you drink at night. The whole bodyache, especially down your spine and back.  Erghhh.  The discomfort due to putting on weight.  Hey hey hey, I am thankful.  Please don't ever misinterpret my whining as 'ungrateful'.  I am just sharing my feelings here, guys :p

Anyway sleep or no sleep, I am glad I spent some quality time with hubby a few weeks ago before our 'us time' is also taken away from us *grin*. 

SO here goes, sleep.  Goodbye, be good to my girls later so that they have plenty of quality sleep themselves.  Mommy, in return will be able to get some rest herself.  Short, meaningful, rest.

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