Monday, February 18, 2013

Imaginery friend or she was playing Mommy?

My daughter is going through that phase, of talking to herself, as if talking to someone.  It was most obvious these past few days.  It tickled me because she sounded so mature with her words.  I know imaginery friends exist, yes, at some point.  Being a Muslim I am also aware of the 'things' that my daughter could have seen.  As a mother, well,  I did not know what to conclude.  Sometimes I felt that she did it to get what she wants.  At times, I think she was simply playing her role as me.  Should've recorded her, I find it so hillarious, entertaining at the same time. 
Let me just share with you the stuff she said, let me remind you that my daughter speaks mostly in Malay, only some English.  Just because I am a proud Malay.  I didn't start English that early myself and I do just fine. 
'Nak makan? Taknak? Nak jalan? Taknak? Nak baju cantik? Taknak? Nak kawan?  Taknak?  Nak morning you you (pergi jusco)? Ha? Nak? Oooooo nak morning you you....' Aaaa with this one, I know what she's trying to do.  She's trying to get me to take her to Jusco. 
'Ehhh pergi sana.  Jangan kacau Asha.  Main jauh-2... Isskkk sibuk saje.  Tak payah kacau Asha, OK?'
'Jalan elok- elok... nanti jatuh, sakit...'
'Ehhh apa tengok- tengok...'
'Ehhhh jangan kacau Asha tido laaaa.  Asha nak tido ni.  Iskkk don't touch, no, no.  Asha nak sleep.  Iskkk'. 
'Haiiiipppp.  Don't touch itu, bahayaaaaaa.  Nanti Asha rotan, nak?'
Ah well, there are just so many more.  Thinking the same as I am right now?  I think she was playing me, hehehehe, while she's on her own.  Ohhhhhhh by the way you know what she said to me yesterday, because I was complaining of pain from sitting too long?  'Mommy nak beyak ke?  Beyak elok- elok... takpe... Nanti Asha basuh...' Errrrghhhhh?

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Lawa Creative said...

aku pun sometimes ada fear juga, coz Rayyan ckp more malay than english, but i guess as he grows he will learn, like you said, we survived ok jer...