Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 12 at the NICU.

That is how long my babies had seen the world, well, the very limited view at the NICU. Now their eyesight are even more limited because their eyes are closed -due to phototheraphy.

So far both are progressing positively. Zehra, the elder twin had regained her weight to 1.45kg. She was the one we were worried about but she had progressed positively well. So she's now out of the closed incubator, and been transferred to open hood. She had also started syringe feeding, once her weight reaches 1.6kg, she will be ready to be breastfed. Alhamdulillah.

Adrina Amani, who is 5 minutes younger had only regained weight up to 1.38 kg. Her birth weight was 1.40, she lost her weight to 1.34 in a week, which was normal according to the specialist. Then the current weight. Oh but I am not that worried about her, she drinks much more milk (27ml) as compared to the sister who's at 10 ml. Though Adrina is still wire-fed, she looks healthy despite all the skin and bones!

Being at the NICU is quite depressing, really. Just watching sick babies make me sad, let alone watching your own all wired up. Then you speak to other moms and found out their problems, some are worse than yours, and you start feeling grateful to the Almighty that your test, is so small as compared to others.

Ohhhh but at the NICU, you can cry all you want. Nobody is judging.. The mothers, they don't. The nurses, they will try to console you and ask you to get some rest first before seein your child. If you cry too much, they don't encourage you to visit your baby, as they don't want you to get the post partum depression.

I am counting days, still. Staying strong and positive at all time!!! That's my motto now heehe.


Anonymous said...

Diana..xmo sedih2 ye...tgk diorg tu dh menunjukkan betapa besar kuasa Allah...nangis gembira mgkn r kot...betapa kuat diorg bkongsi hidup dan berusaha gigih utk terus hidup..syukur Alhamdulillah...kuatkn smgt ye...muahh!! -zarina mj

Lawa Creative said...

be strong k babe...even now it's even better kan Zehra dah balik rumah, Adrina is a strong girl...i know she will pass in flying colours :) hugs to u n d munchkins :)

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Zarina, thank u atas kata semangat :-)

G, awww thank u for always being there for me sepanjang anaj-2 di NICU