Friday, April 26, 2013

Twins update

Wow its been what, 50+ days already after delivery of my twins?  I lost count already.  I hadn't had the time to count, to think, to do anything.  In fact when I was dying to update this blog, to pour my heart out on how emotional and tiring it had been, I didn't have the time.  I hardly rest, until today.  Ohhhh there's just so many things I want to write about, but I just can't get myself to do it.  There's my labour experience, the NICU experience, the looking after the twins experience, my breastfeeding journey with the twins, the big sister.  So much, but it will have to wait.

A small update, both of the girls are now home with me.  Zehra Amani was discharged 2 weeks earlier than the sister at 1.76kg and she is now 2.3kg.  You can see she got chubby quickly.  Drinks a lot this one.  Always hungry.

Adrina Amani, on the other hand was losing weight terribly due to her vomiting so it took her a while to start gaining.  But when she did, she did well.  She was discharged from the NICU Serdang at 1.79kg.  Mommy is sure proud of both of them.  But the not so good news, her vomiting is recurring.  Her stomach is always upset.  During her 35 days of life, she was diagnosed with hernia, a condition which I had never even heard of.  Maybe I will do a small post on hernia later on.  Anyway, hernia is normally common for boys/men, but for prem babies girls can get it too.  My poor poor girl will be admitted at HUKM this 30th for the surgery.  Apparently they will 'push' her bowel back into place.  Your prayers are needed, please, please, please do pray for my little Adrina.  Was there another option other than surgery, no, the specialist said I can't leave it as that as the bowel may get trapped.  Further information on the surgery and its risks will have to wait until I meet the surgeon later. 

I am keeping this post short, I will be sure to post more updates once everything is in order, which I hope is soon.  The best, to both of you my dear child.  And to my eldest, Ayesha Amani, Mommy apologise for not being there for you, for  being too tired to attend to your need, or too busy with your sisters to even look at you when you call.  I still love you much and I never grow tired of loving you.  Mommy loves all of you.

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