Thursday, May 23, 2013

Giving birth to the twins...

In this entry, I want to share my experience giving birth to the twins.  The unexpected delivery of the twins (well actually sort of expected).  It was sudden and full of surprises.  For me at least.  Cemas... cemas...

A week before I gave birth, my gynae told me to 'be prepared'.  Go book that government hospital you wanted, please, I don't want you giving birth in the car, too risky she said.  Make time, go to Klinik Kesihatan to get referral letter and book the hospital.  I still remember she said to hubby, "Tuan, bawak isteri pegi dapatkan booking.  Saya takut bersalin dalam kereta.  Kalau sorang takpe, bila berdua, banyak cerita.  She said that from the look of it, yes In sha Allah I will be able to perform vagina delivery.  So I went to get myself a booking, an appointment with Hospital Serdang's gynae (which was supposed to be on the 18 March 2013.)

However on the 8th of March, at 2 am my tummy started feeling funny.  Well, it was funny I actually blamed hubby for snoring too loud, causing me to be awake.  So I moved to the living room, and managed to get some sleep and wake up every half an hour.  I was actually fasting, sebab besoknya nak minum air gula dekat KK.  So I thought the discomfort was caused by gastric pain *grin*.

I woke hubby up at around 6 am and said, "Sayang.. I rasa dah nak bersalin...". Dia tanya, serius ke, jom pegi hospital if betul.  I said hemmm tak sure gitu gitu la how the conversation went.  "Nanti ayang siap-2 sambil fikir apa nak buat (as in nak terus kan pergi KK and cek air gula ke, or terjah je spital sebab kalau nak kira booking belum complete, their gynae have yet to see me).  Apa- apa pun we decided to send Ayesha to her taska first. 

From the taska, we were still discussing, KK or hospital?  Or should we go Columbia Asia and ask Dr Norshida?  Her clinic will start 8am.  Then nekad lah, ok kita pergi Hospital Serdang.  Sakit dah makin frequent, rasa macam nak buang air besar.  You can imagine the traffic lah, it was the time everybody leave for work.  At 7:30 am we were still in the massive traffic.  Rasa nak teran erghhh. Erghhh but tahan cool, BBM with the lovely girlfriends. 

Got there almost 8:00am, registered myself dengan muka cool with makeup and obviously they didn't take me seriously.  Duduk tak senang, berdiri tak senang, I waited for husband to come back from parking.  When he got to me, I told him, "abang, rasa cam nak teran dah ni."  There was nobody at the receptionist.  Hubby rang the bell and nobody came to us.  So he went to the security guard and said, "Takde orang ke, isteri saya dah nak meneran ni."  The security guard kelam kabut said, oh my, please bring me inside she said.  So masuk ke bilik pemeriksaan. 

Checked, already 6 cm dilated.  Bila doctor tu pusing, ambik something, told her, "saya seriously rasa nak push ni." She checked again, ya Allah, dah fully dilated she said.  And she's having twins, premature, our labour room is full, and paed is not yet here.  "Puan, tahan ye.  Kena tunggu paed.  You're having premature twins we need to be prepared."  I took deep breathe, in out, in out.  Istighfar, laugh about the pain, joked about the pain.  Sampai the nurses cakap, "Kagum nye, you can still istighfar and ketawa..."

So after minutes and minutes of "Hold it ma'm, our paed is not here yet..." Akhirnya at 8:51 am, the first twin came out.  Doctor broke my water, kemudian get ready mcm goal keeper.  Remembering how hard it was to push Ayesha Amani, I pushed really hard this time and bammmmm.  Meluncur keluar anaknye.  Sampai doctor reminded me to go easy hehehe.  I didn't get to see Zehra's face (first twin), because she was to be ventilated immediately.  They only asked me to quickly identify that she was a girl.

My beautiful Zehra Amani

For the second twin to come out, I didn't know what to expect - as in, should I be feeling contraction again, or how?  Waited and there it goes, rasa macam nak push again.  SO this time two doctors waited to deliver the girl.  Push and push and push bammmmm.... It was actually water, not baby.  Kesian doctor basah, so I said "Sorry doc..." Doctor said ehhh no no I don't need to apologise its her job!  At exactly 8:56am, the second twin was born.  I got to see her face for a few second and they took her to be ventilated too.
The sweet sweet Adrina Amani.
SO they were only 5 minutes difference.  And yes, memang rasa dua kali sakit :-)  But it was all worth it!!! I must tell you what it felt like to have not one, but two of your babies taken away immediately, and to later on see all those wires.  It was depressing, sad, heartbreaking.  Also to learn that you were the caused to their premature labour, you can't help but blame yourself. But I know it was for the best, and that they were strong girls and that they will be so eager to meet mommy they will fight for their lives. 

Anyway... They gynae told me that I had been lucky.  If I had not been (because I hadn't booked my delivery), then there won't be a spare ventilator, and Zehra wouldn't have survived.  Her lungs was week and was needing ventilator immediately.  Thank you, Allah for giving the opportunity to be with Zehra.  I was, indeed lucky.  Kalau tidak, mungkin tak dapat bersama anak- anak ini pada ketika ini.


Sobah Mariana Omar said...

wow.. enrty yg ditunggu2.. amazing Di.. bestnya... i pun terasa kesakitan yg disuruh tahan tu.. heheee.. Tahniah Di.. bertuah you get 2 strong girls.. Harap2 semua dipermudahkan dan diberi kesihatan yg baik to both... Amin

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Maria, actually rasa cam nak tampo je org suruh tahan tahan kekekeke. Thanks atas doa u k