Thursday, May 23, 2013


Saje nak story story pasal breastfeeding...This is the part when I tell you that breastfeeding wasn't a 100% success with the twins. Yes, it wasn't, things don't always go as planned.  One of the obvious reason kenapa tak berjaya direct feeding was that they were born premature, so sucking had to be taught, simulated.  One day diorang pandai, like, terer giler feeding, the next they were like mannn what are you trying to feed me, woman?  Macam diorang lupa gitu, boleh?  So I checked, hemm apparently macamana their organs, like how they forget to breathe, their intestine forgot to work, that's how they are with breastfeeding.  They forget!  Funny, eh?

Then one of them was discharged from the hospital, and I was running around like a mad woman, jaga twins sorang kat rumah and sorang kat hospital.  Not forgetting my toddler who was dying for my attention.  I got too tired to try harder, so I decided to feed Zehra (she was back first) using bottle.  With EBM, that is.  The same was for Adrina.  When she got home, I fed her using bottle.  This way, when both of them were back hubby could help with feeding during the night.  In fact, he can help at any time of the day.  Dah macam satu kebaikan pulak bagi I, sebab trust me, when you have two babies, two hungry babies, it is far too exhausting and too demanding to figure out breastfeeding.  Especially if it aint working out.  Oh, plus, I hadn't learned the technique to simultaneously breastfeed both hahaha.

So what choice do I have to ensure that they still get the best?  Its through the EBM...

And thanks to my most loyal companion, Medela Freestyle, I was able to express two hourly or sometimes on demand.  They are hungry babies, okay, my EBM stocks memang cepat sangat luak. 

Adrina, has a serious reflux issue.  While we are warded here at KPJ Kajang, the paed bagi kitorang 2 tin formula nama Novalac AR (Anti reflux formula).  Apparently with this milk, dia pekat bila dah sampai dalam perut je, so reduces reflux.  Hah, if one thing I didn't know that the formula is better for reflux as compared to breastmilk, sebab breastmilk kan cair.  I suppose sebab breastmilk takde molecules, kot.  Let's not talk science.  But of course, it can't beat the goodness breastmilk can offer.  Nutrient- wise of course it can't beat those of breastmilk! 

I tried giving the milk to Adrina, to help with her reflux.  So there, no more exclusive breastfeeding for the cenonets.  Yeppp, it reduces the reflux that's no doubt.  Did some reading on ways to manage reflux and one of the method suggested was to add cereal to breastmilk to thicken the milk.  Obviously that's not an option in my current situation.  Gila ke, dahla baby prem, usus semua pun belum matang.  This is when, milk such as the AR helps.  Paed told me ada dua brand, Enfalac and Novalac for the AR. 

Huh tapi if you talk about which one the girl prefer, it will be the breastmilk la kan.  I think the texture and taste make it more likeable.  I've never tried it myself so entahla betul tak hahaha.  Hehhhh but when I say they're hungry babies, I am serious ok.  Sangat lah...

Ermmm macam shit kan entry ni hahaha.  Takpela.  It works for me sebab duduk kat hospital ni bosan.  Till later.

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