Saturday, May 25, 2013

Adrina and Reflux

Adrina Amani has a serious reflux issue.  Memang sejak lahir lagi.  All kinda tests were conducted including ultrasound to make sure there is nothing else is wrong with her, other than saluran dia yang belum matang causing milk to be pushed up her esophagus (eh betul ke eja hehehe).  In the end it was concluded that she has a severe reflux condition.  Due to the severeness, drugs don't do it for her.  She was prescribed Omeprazole and Motillium to manager her vomiting and reflux, but neither works :-(.  Boleh baca pasal reflux in premature babies kat sini: How to handle your premature baby's reflux

To manage her reflux pon dah buat all kinda things.  Paling menyampah bila doctors (yes doctors, we had been to many doctors for opinion) asked did you burp her?  Its like hellooooo this ain't my first child, I know the basics such as burping your child after bottle feeding.  We also tried reducing her milk and feeding her regularly.  Ni maksudnya to also tolerate her crying lah sebab lapar kan.  Didn't work.  Feed her 10ml, she vomits 10 right back at ya.  Ini lah sebab nye Mommy bermandikan muntah hehehe. 

The latest reflux management recommended by paed was this,

Feeding with Novalac AR or breastmilk + rice cereal.

Remember in this post ada cerita sikit pasal the anti reflux formula (AR)?  In the end doctor has advised that breastmilk to be fully eliminated from her diet.  Sad.  How very sad. Doc wants to see if her vomiting improves without the breastmilk.  You see, breastmilk ni sangat cair so for reflux babies, susu tu lagi mudah naik semula.  The AR formula on the other hand, has corn starch.  Ni yang buat susu tu jadi pekat bila masuk dalam perut.  Result?  Memang kurang sikit la frequency muntah dia.  Volume masih banyak bila muntah tu.

My EBM yesterday at 9am.  Simpan as stock for Zehra jer la.
I think doctor pon macam kesian, u know that my babies had been on breastmilk and tetiba bg formula.  So she said, try this, something that can be done but very rare.  She asked me to get the rice cereal and add half scoop into 2 ounce breastmilk.  This will help thicken the milk.  Again, in my previous entry, Milk, I mentioned this.  However this method doesn't work for Adrina.  She vomits less with the AR formula. 

As of today, vomiting dia masih banyak tapi  less frequent.  Kesian Adrina, tak dapat kebaikan susu ibu.  Nanti dah sihat tukar semula yer sayang :-( Please dhua that she will get better quickly, that she will outgrow her reflux in no time.  Till the next entry, taaa.

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