Friday, May 31, 2013

Astro Collection Agent

Saja la kan luahan hati di petang Jumaat.  One fine day (not), I received a call from someone who claimed they are Astro's agent.  Nombor yang timbul when they called was almost like a private number - it was +01300.  Called twice, I didn't hear the first time because I was at the hospital for the twins' follow up.  I picked up the second time, curious siapa yang call.
Astro boy: (dengan nada kerek) Hello, boleh cakap dengan Puan Diana?
Me: Ye bercakap.
Astro boy: ye ha ni Puan ada tertunggak astro RM300+ ni (lupa berapa), tolong ye jelaskan hari ni jugak kalau tak kita potong.
Me: (Sentap sebab setahu I, takde plak tertunggak).  EH, bila pulak saya ada tertunggak ni ye?  Setahu saya tiap-2 bulan saya bayar (suara dah mula tinggi meminta penjelasan.  Of course, actually I yg salah sebab tunggakan tu berlaku masa I tukar to Astro Beyond and they sort of skipped one bill.)
Can't really remember what was said in between but I was demanding explanation for the bill and the boy was really rude.
Astro boy: Heyyyy puan. Heyyy puan.  Dengar sini.  Dengar saya cakap dulu, jangan menyampuk.
So when the boy started hey hey kan I, I mula la menggigil marah. I hung up, called Astro and demanded the agent number to complaint.  Harus lah komplen, I kan kaki komplen. 
I then called Astro customer service.  Turns out these are agents, and the answer given by Astro was, we do not have their contact number because they are not us (kes outsource la ni).
How can they not know who are the collection agent?  They were hired by Astro, right????
I demanded to speak to the supervisor or manager in charge, they won't let me.  I waited so long sampai putus line.  Tapi few minutes after that, the customer service agent called me back, and said that they will raise a complaint on my behalf, that they can't disclose the agent's contact.  Disappointing.  I know they won't log a complaint.  But the girl did explain how I had RM300+ outstanding and I was satisfied.
Thing is with Astro, they can never satisfy you.  Their service sucks.  Where I live, setiap kali hujan siaran akan hilang, kadang- kadang sampai sejam lebih.  I pernah call, demanded explanation and assurance from them.  Tapi of course, diorang monopoly the market, manakan mau diorang improve service.  I don't think they can't improve.  They just won't.  Masa dulu, bila diorang promo Astro Beyond pada I, one of their selling point was that it was going to get better when it rains.  Means kurang la takde siaran bila hujan.  But they lied.  Its all the same.  Yet ada hati tiap-2 bulan nak call I tanya nak extra decoder tak, sampai I tanya, if I add another decoder in the house, adakah signal akan bertambah baik? 
No.  The answer is no.  Beyond or not, it is the same.
And yet they have the guts to hire thugs to do collection for them.  Kalau kurang ajar tu, bukan thugs nama nye?  Come on, malu lah sikit.  Makan duit orang, and your service sucks.  Your customer service is bad.  Makan lah duit haram.  I berhutang, its my fault.  Tapi you don't have the right to speak to me like that.

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