Friday, May 31, 2013

Far Away

At this moment, while writing this, the twins are about 3 hours or more away from home.  From me.  When the twins were hospitalised at KPJ Kajang (the twins were warded due to Pneumonia, then was anemic and later was diagnosed with Rota Virus), I finally made up my mind that there's no way I was going to let others look after my babies until they are well enough.  I was suppose to get back to work on the 27th, tapi disebab kan kena tahan ward, I took a day off and was back to work on the 29th instead.
Susah la, it was a hard decision to make.  Please don't judge.  The twins are not well.  Zehra belum betul- betul pandai menyusu.  Adrina plak masih lagi mengalami severe vomiting.  Susu keluar ikut hidung, tersedak.  Susah hati bila fikir, camana.  Maid is not an option, well, it sort of is if my mom agrees to stay here with us.  I can elaborate panjang lebar kat sini kenapa I won't have a maid in my house anymore, but I won't bore you with details.  Not anymore for now anyway.  Nursery pun tak juga sebab buat masa sekarang they are prone to infection.  Nanti duduk hospital lagi.  Ya ampunnn minta jauh.  So that's how we decided staying with Tok (my mom) is the best option.  At least until end of June. 
I miss them, is all I can say.  Staring at empty cot, cute clothes, mitten and socks.  Allah knows how I feel and indeed, He knows best. 


Lawa Creative said...

be strong D, InsyaAllah it's for the best we can do for them...atleast you now can have some u n ayesha amani's that kakak will feel the loveee too hihi...

Diana Abdul Molok said...

hahaha kakak memang suke la kann having mommy n daddy all to herself :p