Friday, June 21, 2013

GBS..errr G what???

"Group B streptococcus, or GBS, also known as group B strep, is one of many different bacteria that normally live in our bodies. Approximately one third of us "carry" GBS in our intestines without knowing." Source: on Group B Stretococcus.
P/S: Boleh lah baca pasal GBS ni kat link atas tu ek... I am not a doctor so I dare not write about it. 

I swear never in my life have I heard of such bacteria, let alone know that such bacteria had lived in my body!  Yes, no joke, for info I was informed that this bacteria was the reason I had delivered my babies premature.  Sedih, kan.  To know that you are the cause, the cause for them to suffer, put their lives on the line.  Which mother (yes, which, except those yang suka buang- buang anak), wants their children to be sick, unhealthy. 
Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah, both babies are now safe and sound.  They are also free from GBS.  Yes, GBS could infect your baby too, I heard causing your baby to be paralysed.  According to the pediatrician yang treat my twins tu, they had given them antibiotics and my babies were free from the bacteria. 
I have yet to schedule an appointment with my gynae to discuss further on the bacteria.  Life is too hectic now, what with the twins who got sick from pneumonia, rota virus, anemia and fever, then the arrangement to stay in Kampung for a while, and the weekend visit, my working in Seremban for a few weeks, macam- macam lagi ler (excuses) kekekeke.  Nanti kena pergi jugak, promise!  Though I have already spoken to the Medical Officer from Hosp. Serdang, and she told me that this GBS can't be treated, and I need to be on antibiotic for my next pregnancy as a precaution.  Kalau tak, hemm, tulah.  Boleh cause miscarriage or early delivery, such as the case of the twins, deliver masa 31 weeks. 
Macamana boleh detect ada GBS?  Right after labour, the gynae dekat Serdang came to see me.  She asked me if I felt anything different within a week nak bersalin tu.  I told her, that ada sikit rasa sakit nak buang air and dekat lower abdomen.  She asked why I didn't get myself checked up, and I went silent.  What I didn't tell her was, that, I had felt as if something was wrong during my pregnancy all the time, complaint about the pain too many times, got myself checked too many times, but all that they had ever told me was - 'there is nothing wrong with you, biasa lah tu bila mengandung memang macam tu!'  Masa pregnant kan twins, ya Allah, pain sana sini, I had green discharge, macam- macam lah.  Semua test negative, both private and government.  Belum masuk kena maki hamun kat Klinik Kesihatan Batu 9 lagi, by this doctor perempuan yang bermuka ketat yang bila tanya what is wrong with you, you must give her stratight answer, jangan bagi details.  I assume that this was because they had tested for the wrong bacteria!  Fools.   
Ohhh back to the how Serdang found out I had GBS (thank you doctors and nurses at Serdang, you had been nothing but wonderful to us), they took vaginal swab after I gave birth.  After the third day, the doctor informed GBS was the cause for my premature delivery.
Anyway, yang sudah tu sudah.  It was something that made me re-think my choices, to have more children in the future, because it was what I wanted - to have a big beautiful family like where I came from.  I was raised in big, chaotic family, have great relationship with my siblings, mashaAllah, how can I not want the same thing now, kan???  Tapi, agaknya kalau keadaan ni membahayakan nyawa dan masa depan anak, haruslah difikirkan kembali.  It is something that I will need to discuss with my gynae later on, whether it is safe to have more children, whether antibiotic will really make a difference.
Till then, kena lah hargai saat- saat indah bersama tiga anak sedia ada :-)


Kit said...

Hi there! Love your new header esp as I can see your beautiful twins now :)

Sorry to hear that the medical staff didn't spot the strep B earlier.

I think my gynae gave me the test when I was preggy with No. 1 but the new gynae I had with No. 2 didn't do it either.

Looking back, gynae no. 2 is poor at diagnosis but specialized in C-sections, which turned out to be a life saver because she was in distress.

We learn something with each baby, right? I believe that you'll have children if/when you're ready :)

Diana Abdul Molok said...

You're so totally right :-) Motherhood is a learning experience for each of us. I love every minute of it.