Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lunch @ Flying Chillies

Most of the time lalu kat tepi satu Thai restaurant dekat Gardens tu, memang standard jeling- jeling jer hehehe.  Satu sebab suka sangat melayan either food court Gardens, TGI Fridays or Delicious.  Satu lagi sebab tak sure halal tak?  Restaurant is called 'Flying Chillies'.
So this time no jeling- jeling, saw the restaurant again, looked at the menu and instantly decided to eat there sebab tengok desserts ala- ala yang memang suka la macam pulut mangga, sago with honeydew, dan sebagainya.  Maybe sebab kedahagaan lampau kot?
Generally I feel that the food was alright.  I ordered the Pineapple fried rice and Sprite for the drink.  Pencuci mulut?  Some santan sago honeydew.  Both the fried rice and dessert met my expectation.  Sehingga kekembungan akibat kekenyangan tahap lampau lah. 

The Menu

The Signature Pineapple Fried Rice

I think this was called Thai Fried Rice
Something called Phad Thai.
The Stir-fry Spaghetti.
Semua makanan ordered by my friends pon memuaskan hati.  The ambience- menenangkan.  The staff, faham bahasa sebab boleh communicate in Malay and English.  Of course la sebab nampak most of them were Malaysian anyway. Most importantly, the restaurant and the people look clean.  I wouldn't compromise cleanliness semata- mata for great food ok. 
Price?  Maybe a little pricey  but bukanlah fine- dining kinda pricey.  Just normal malls-pricey kinda price.  Jikalau mahu lebih murah, harus makan di stall tepi jalan. 
Will I go there again?  Definitely.  Maybe next time try other stuff like the green curry, stir- fry basil chicken, the tomyam and so on.  Makan kat situ teringat pulak one place dekat Ikano sana, called Absolute Thai.  Rasanye menu dia memang similar.  Wonder if it was under the same owner?  Hubby and I used to go there all the time when we were staying in Damansara and Segambut.  Tempat lepak terutama - OU and The Curve hehehe.  Ok sebelum lebih merepek, harus minta diri :-) 

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