Thursday, July 25, 2013

My sad Kakak

OK maybe she doesn't seem so sad in this photo, hahaha.  She put on some lipstick that's what she did this cheeky girl and then call herself "Cantik" (Pretty).

But why is it that I get the feeling that my lil angel has been feeling a little sad and left out?  More and more everyday.  I can see it in her eyes, in her cries, in her behaviour.  Everything she did to get my attention.  Muka macam, you don't love me anymore like that.

And the things she does, oh God the things she does.  Sampai terfikir, is this little angel trying to piss me off on purpose?  Macam dengki kat Mom.  Forgive me God for thinking that way.  Teringat bila I kemas rumah and she intentionally sepahkan semula.  Not cute I tell you when I have two little hungry babies on the side to deal with.  The way she went thru my stuff, my accesories, jewelleries, make up.  Ya ampunnnnn.  Mujur I ni masih bersabar and bukan jenis mak yang dera- dera anak.  Tapi marah jugak la, marah all the time, to the point that I thought I have raised an angry girl because of this.  

My sleeping angels on a beautiful Saturday morning. 
Takpalah, maybe she is just going through phases.  Am sure she'll be over it soon.  I love her as always and hope she will grow up to love her little sisters :-)

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Kit said...

I love photos of sleeping babies - think I have a huge collection of my own :)

Hang in there with Kakak. She's bound to have some acting up since her mama is now busy with the babies.

Give her some cuddles when you can but always emphasize that the babies need your care too ya.