Thursday, July 25, 2013

Budak- budak twins

Picture of bib was taken a while ago (May).  Cute, kan?  Beli kat Precious Baby, Metro Point Kajang for RM9. Very useful, sebab besar and my girls especially Adrina vomits a lot.  At least takde la budak- budak kena tukar baju sentiasa kan.

Ni latest photo of the twins hehehe.  I bet both are over 5kg already, asyik lapar, lapar je kerjanye.  They'll be 5 months on 8 August nanti.  So fast, right, and 3 months their corrected age on the 10 August.

Sekarang dah pandai mengagah- agah, tersenyum- senyum.  Both of them are excited to see me after work everyday when I pick them up at day care.  Dah pandai mengada- ngada nak mommy.  They're like big girls already, seeing from their faces hehehe.  Mommy is also getting better, I can differentiate their crying from being hungry to kembung, or being bored.  Aaaaah... a handful these two.  It's amazing Mommy hasn't lost so much weight.  Yet. 


Kit said...


These photos make me wanna have some more babies!!!

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Hahahaha, pleaseee do. babies, they're so adorable aren't they