Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Raising twins

The reason for this entry, actually, was due to a guy who went 'aaaaawwwwww, anak twins' when we went shopping last weekend.  Hubby's response was, 'tengok memang best, bang.'  He laughed awkwardly loud afterwards.  It is, the truth.

Many had asked, how did we manage the twins without a maid.  Susah, tak?  With a toddler who hasn't failed to get on my nerve every opportunity she has, (and I love her nevertheless hahahaha).

My first photo with all 3 princess.  Tengok lah my eldest, sedia untuk berlari (CRY).
Ermmm kalau nak kira memang lah tak mudah.  There had been episodes of yelling at each other (me and hubby) and yelling at my eldest.  Episodes of tears, sleepless night, restless days.  Housework lagi, memang bukan something yang mudah.  The thing is, Mommy's maturity grows as the twins grows.  So it became really hard for the hubby to deal with my emotions, at first, but I think now he knows how to handle me (my tantrum).  

Everyday, after work, I kena layan 3 jenis perangai, 3 jenis tangisan from the kids.  Kiri, kanan, atas lap, semua penuh dengan anak- anak yang seek attention.  Am I blessed or am I blessed.  Something I definitely hadn't dream of when I was young(er).  It will be much easier with a maid, no I don't deny that.  At least a maid can look after the house chores, and I, the kids.  For me, that'll work IF and only IF, I am a stay-at-home mommy.  The thing is, I work 8:30 to 5:30, plus minus travelling I will be out for at least 10 hours during the day.  The thought of leaving my twins (only the twins because Kakak Ayesha is already comfortable with taska) with a stranger, alone with a stranger, kills me.  I need someone who is emotionally prepared and stable, who is used to looking after more than 1 baby.  The best option is of course, the daycare.  

Another thing with maid is, well, with me is, that I am a control freak (I admit that as my weakness).  I failed to control the previous maid due to Mak punya pesan to treat her as 'sister' kononnya, and dah sah- sah la akhirnya makan diri.  So no, I am not open to the option right now.

So this is how it's gonna be for the rest of it, until I do not know when.  Kejap je sebenarnye sampai anak dah pass the baby stage.  Yang susah sikit nak jaga tu, masa baby.  The twins, you can have them hungry both at the same time, atau bergilir- gilir, serius memang depends dekat mood diorang.  Sekarang ni Mommy dah macam terer gile la nak comfort diorang kalau lapar secara serentak, terpaksa bawak masuk car seat, letak both of them dalam tu dalam keadaan separuh tegak, and bottle-feed them there.  Of course, all safety aspects considered there's no doubt about that.  

Kadang- kadang, to keep them calm, balik dari kerja tu terus mandikan diorang, walaupon dah tau dah, diorang baru dimandikan kat day care dalam pukul 4:30 macam tu.  While I mandikan sorang, the other would be sleeping or crying endlessly and I just have to live with that.  Ohh, good thing now Kakak macam dah pandai pujuk adik.... 'Adik diam ek, jangan nangis, Mommy sibuk tu...' Sweet like candy. 

Bila nakkan attention serentak, Mommy baringkan diorang kat tilam and talk with them.  Gugu gaga, with the babies and toddler, of course.  Hehehee.  Like I said in my previous post, it's like having triplet.  Boleh baca kat sini.  This is the fun part, there's lots of smiling and laughing from all my angels.

Midnight milk and diaper change pulak, handled by both hubby and I.  I will wake him up when both the twins are awake for milk.  Dia akan jaga sorang.... Bila bangun bergilir, sometimes I jaga sendiri je, or bila dah tak larat sangat I will wake hubby up for the next feed.  Kadang- kadang dah biasa dengan penat nye.  Kadang- kadang, menangis jugak penat.  I am just human.  Basically hubby helps tak kira masa.  Midnight feeding and diaper change, waktu jalan- jalan, bila Mommy nak masak and prepare the food.  He also helps with house chores.  That's lovely of him.  He said to me before, that he would rather help me with all these than having a stranger (maid) around.  I guess having a stranger in the house makes him uncomfortable. 

Ohhh but I must tell you the best part of having twins!  No no no.  Not the part where people look in admiration, sambil berkata 'aaaaaawwwwww twinsssssss', and started asking details about your life.  It is the dressing part.  Lebih- lebih lagi sebab my twins ni girls, and mothers with girls would know how much fun it is to style your little one!  The dresses, the shoes, the headband, the hair, the handbag and clutches.  I, personally suka pakaikan diorang baju serupa.  Sebab I suka tengok.  Full stop.  Hahaha.  I think they look adorable in matching outfit!  Despite their different look, and unquestionably different personalities, yes, I put them in matching outfit.  Nanti, bila 3 anak dara dah sama size, bole tak nak bagi pakai sama jugak.  Though I know, susah, especially sebab my Kakak Ayesha dah pandai pilih baju sendiri.  She definitely has her own preference. 

E'eh macam terpanjang pulak entry ni.  Lenguh jari jemari aiiii menaip.  Hehehe.  Nanti maybe I will add more as I am sure there will be many more stories on raising my twins!  Till then, have a great Ramadan.

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