Friday, August 16, 2013

Being Well - Informed

I posted a link on my FB yesterday, shared by a friend, on how when you 'berpantang' (confined) in Kampung,  whenever your baby cries, the elderly quickly tells you that your baby is hungry and didn't get enough breastmilk, and must be fed formula.  Trust me.  I've had my own experience on formula feeding vs breastfeeding with my own child. 

The thing is, us parents, with the wide spectrum of information readily available, and if not readily available they will be, if you dig further, have we done enough to become a well- informed parents?

I am talking not just about breastfeeding.  I am talking about ridiculous traditions, and how they think we should follow the elderly before us just because they have raised 20 children and thought they were successful at it. 

My advise to all the parents (especially new) and myself as well, read, ask.  Find out what you must.  You'll be surprised of how much you (don't) know. 

For me, here are some of key information a parent (s) need to be equipped with.  There are more, and I shall be adding to the list when I think of them:


# How big a newborn tummy is?  How much milk is enough? 

# Does breast size really determine how much milk you produce? (NO!)

# Is feeding newborn with water OK?  Do we know that breastfed babies don't need water, because breast milk is 90 % water?

# How does baby swallow air during feeding?

# How frequent should a newborn feed?

# What food you should take, what to be avoided.

Air/ Gas/ Colic

# Why burp your baby?

# What do you do if baby won't burp?

# What causes hiccup in babies?  Can water really stop hiccup?

# What causes baby to cry long hours?  Does jampi serapah really helps?  In my case with Kakak, I was asked to put a broom under her crib.  This was, kononnya a method to keep the satan away.  How ridiculous is that?

# Do you know what colic is?  What is the treatment?


# How much sleep a newborn need?

# What sleeping position is safe for babies?

# Is it safe to bring your baby to sleep with you?

# What is the difference between a cot (crib) and playpen?  

Introduction of Solid

# When do you start feeding your baby solid?

# How do you start?

# How do you know if your baby is alergic to a certain food group.


# What is jaundice?  What causes jaundice?

# Is it dangerous?

# What is the treatment?

# Risk if left untreated? Or risk in late detection?

Immunisation, Vaccines

#  What are the compulsory/ optional jabs?

# The frequency of jabs?

# Why do you immunize your children?

# What if you do not immunize your children?

# Is there any side effects of vaccines? 

# What are your rights on vaccination in Malaysia?

# Where can you take your baby for vaccinations?

Fever & Sickness

# What is low grade, high grade, elevated fever?

# How should you monitor your baby's fever or sickness?

# Treatment?

# How well  can you tell your baby's condition?

# What medication is allowed for baby?  and for breastfeeding mommy?

Ahhhhh.  There's just too many!!! Think raising a child is easy?  Think again.  At the same time, yes don't be too hard on yourself... Take time to enjoy the presence of your newborn :-).  However you must not take information lightly.  You wouldn't want to regret your decision later on, trust me.


Elle said...

owhh getting panic attack! how do i handle all this, do i have enough time to learn all this?
fiuhhh...chill, read more, surf more & ask around!

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Mommy L,

kadang-2 benda ni kita learn naturally with experience. Don't fret, nanti as time goes by ko akan blaja. Actually the point I want to make is, if you don't have time now, later on if u experience any difficulty, research, ask the professional.... and bila dgr petua ngarut tu... jhaishhhh