Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teething Already?

I was, I must say, pretty shocked that the twins are already teething.  I thought I should be tracking their development as 3 months and a half, not 5.  I swear to God when I saw my babies drooling so bad, fussy, crying for comfort, they were also eating their hands like a piece of drummet (yumms), I didn't think that they were teething.


Well, well.  Guess what, they were.

Here I go again, I thought... You should read my previous teething entries with Kakak (Ayesha).  There were lodsa tears involved *grin*.  Well to be fair, I was a first time mother.  Ha Ha Ha.  What I forgot to mention in the previous posts, was Dentinox.  The teething gel.  The miracle drug.  Prescribed by Kakak's Paed to help soothe her gum.  When I lost the Dentinox, thennn only I went to the local pharmacy to get the same and was given Oral Aid because they didn't have Dentinox.

So this time around, the moment I recognised their signs as teething, and felt their (slightly) sharp gum, I asked Ah Bob to purchase Dentinox at the Multicare Pharmacy.  Told him that if they don't have Dentinox, Oral Aid would work too... and he did get Dentinox. 

Forgot how expensive it was, RM20.90 for one tiny tube. 

Did it work?  Yeppp.

Is it as bad as Kakak's?  Nope.  God is great.  He gave me two, two nicer babies.  Sorry Kakak, didn't mean it in a bad way.  The Amani Juniors (the girls are all named amani, remember?) were not (as) fussy. 

The little girl needs comforting.  Instead of picking her up, Mommy pick up the camera and snap snap.  Ooops.

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