Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Syawal and Ayesha

According to the Hijri calendar (Islamic date), Ayesha was born on the 7 Syawal 1431 Hijriah.  It was 16 September 2010 in Gregorian calendar.  How could I have forgotten, the Syawal I gave birth to my daughter :-)

At the moment photo was taken, she was asking me, 'Mommy, tak faham tu ape? (Mom, what does 'I don't understand' means?)
# It was the Syawal I didn't fit in anything nice to wear.
# It was the Syawal I felt extremely FAT.
# Everybody woke up that 1st Syawal to see if I was still pregnant.
# Then Abah told me I will deliver only 3 to 4 days later.
# I was in Kaftan most of the time.
# Seated most of the time, due to REALLY swollen ankle.
# Can hardly breathe, let alone eat to survive the days.  Many had said that I should eat a lot before my confinement.  But I didn't.  I just can't.
 # I didn't go back to my inlaws that Syawal because the doctor said it is not safe for me to travel anymore.  Doctor predicted I will deliver much earlier, the baby seemed 'distressed' due to lack of amniotic fluid.
# The only shopping we did that Raya was for her...
# I would go to sleep dreading I will give birth in my sleep.  Ha ha ha. Seriously.
# Mom would check on me everytime I go 'ahhh' or 'uuu' or 'ahaaaa'.  Or any sound I make hehehe.
# She will make sure someone is always with me that Raya, because Hubby went back to his parents' during the 3rd Syawal.
# I watched Resident Evil with my brothers and sisters on 5 Syawal (Midnight).
# I went bowling on 6 Syawal (Night)...
# Came home feeling funny.  Vomitting, diarrhea, until 3 am on 7 Syawal...

My baju raya la konon :p

My swollen ankle, 1 Syawal... hehehe
Hours later...

# I gave birth to my princess.

1 day old.. Well, yeahh she cried a lot during the early days.

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