Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Top: 2 months ++ of age. Bottom: 5 months of age.  

Time... was the answer to everything :-)  How two little girls grew into two beautiful, chubby girls.  We went for their 3 months jab last night and Zehra weighs 5.8 kg, and Adrina at 6.1 kg.  Yepp, now Adik comel (left) weighs more than Kak Zehra manja (right).  Zehra has trouble drinking, sometimes she would just sleep for hours and refuses milk.  Though I am thankful her suction is now much much better.  

Anyway I am one happy (fat) Mommy.  Tells you how much I am in love with life :p

P/S: Still find it weird that even though they now have more fats, socks and baby shoes are still very loose.  Are these normal with prem babies?


Kit said...

The girls are sooooo cute! Put a smile on my face when I read this entry :)

Diana Abdul Molok said...

:) all they ever do (before they flipped over) is feeling hungry.