Monday, August 12, 2013

End of Breastmilk

I am, sad to say, going to stop my pumping session soon.  As expected, once I started having lesser and lesser time, I would probably stop expressing milk soon.  Work was too demanding, and so did the kids at home,

...My 2 hourly became 4 hourly,
then the 4 hourly became 3 times a day,
the 3 times a day became 2,
and now I am left with once a day pumping...
and yes... as expected, as per the demand = supply, the milk has become lesser and lesser.
Adrina is off breastmilk a while ago (read here), and Zehra, has started to drink less and less breastmilk for a number of reasons,
# she was supplemented with formula when we left her with my mom,
# she started daycare and we think that she may have been given formula because she was impatience.
I was pretty sad with the decision, but hubby told me, at least I had done 3 months of breastmilk (fully) and supplemented until now (5 months and a half).  So, yep, it will be the end for me soon. 
This, is the result of non- direct feeding.  Things would've been different if there was direct feeding involved.  Ah wellllll... maybe this is best.
Ok ok, stop feeling like a terrible mother already. 
P/S: Still grateful I made the decision to buy freestyle a while ago, otherwise things could've been a lot worse :-)

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