Monday, August 12, 2013

Eid 2013 (Photos)

Hello hello hello :-)

How the days passed by so quickly.  Here's our raya photos this year (most photos were uploaded on facebook already).

Our first photo together, all 5 of us. 

The kids and I.  I know, my eldest will never smile for the camera.

My kids all ready during 1 Syawal.

Hubby asked to try and snap with these lighting hehe.


My small family with Mak dan Abah.  I was upset that Zehra's face wasn't facing the camera.

Grandparents with their grandchilren (all)

Grandparents with the girls grandchildren.

This was suppose to be our freestyle photo hahahaha.  Look, Mom was such a sport!

My little brother with the twins he helped babysit during the early days :-)

Family was performing 'salat berjemaah' (praying in congregation).

Pelita raya... (oil lamps, normally lighted during the last 7 days of Ramadan)

They were making 'sumbu' (wick) for the oil lamp.

Fireworks night, the 3rd Syawal.

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