Monday, October 28, 2013

The bigger step (s)

A lot have happened recently and I simply have no time  update *grin*. Kiddos had been well, on and off.  Fever every few days and then well again. Zehra was tested for dengue just last week, thankfully test turned out negative. 

It was eid ul adha 2 weeks back and with my 'extra luggage' and non-pay leave it was impossible to take some time off and go back to kampung (itsmy turn this year). So mom and dad decided to come here and bring the lemangs and rendangs to us. Love both of them for always trying their best to look after me and family.

Just last Saturday we finally decided to give the twins pneumococcol and flu jabs.  I know the anti vax are still going on right now but as much as you think you are protecting your child by NOT vaccinating, my reason for vaccination is the same.  So let's not judge.  After what we had been through,  the series of pneumonia attacks, I don't think I can ever forgive myself if anything happens.

We also started the twins on solid.  Well, I started with plain porridge of course as advised by our paed.  But I also gave them the Heinz green peas and zucchini puree. Go on and judge me for giving processed puree but I have very limited time these days, maybe next weekend I will prepare the avocado, pumpkin puree like I used to do for Ayesha.  Zehra didn't like plain porridge at all. Snobbish little pumpkin she is.  Adrina just swallowed whatever I gave her with a smile on her face. Z seemed to have trouble swallowing because she drools a lot.  Believe me, a lot. She wets the floor.

Both kids are teething and very fussy about it.  I think it gets very painful day after day, that's one of the reason we're always feverish you see.  Thanks to Dentinox. Another miracle in a tube.

Adrina will be going for her hernia repair this 6th November.  We've been asking for Docs opinion to find reasons not to go through with it.  After weighing down every risks and benefits we decided to go through with it now.  Please pray that this little procedure goes well. 

Told ya I've been busy. That's only 10% of what happened.  Till later. Xoxo

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