Friday, November 01, 2013


My second princess, the elder twin, Zehra Amani is hospitalised again. My life is so out of order. Work, my other kids, husband, myself.  I am not sure what kind of test this is or if I can take it anymore, but it sure as hell aches.  This is too hard.  I can be strong.  But how strong.

All I can do is pray that lil princess be fine and healthy again. Such small progress since evening,  but am sure the strong girl will be better in no time.

We are suppose to do an echo test for her soon to rule out any issue with the heart.  She was born prematurely so this is important.   We really hope this test turns out negative.  Need your prayers too, friends. 

And you... nasty pneumonia.   I forbid you from seeing my princess again.  Can you believe, this happens after spending RM740 on jabs.  Ah well. 

P/S: I miss my Ayesha and Adrina at home. And my.... darling *grin*


achik said...

Adik kuat... Achik percaya Adik leh harunginya... mak abah Adik besarkn 6 org anakkn... mesti Adik boleh punya...

Lawa Creative said...

Be strong and think +ve im sure u can do it...kami boleh bg moral support n make stupid jokes to make u smile, n hopefully that release you stress sikit *hugs*