Friday, November 01, 2013

On solid food

As mentioned in my previous post, I started feeding the twins with porridge and puree.

Why is it that I have this suspicious feeling that kiddos HATE porridge?  I mean, porridge is porridge.  Its plain.  I haven't added anything to the porridge yet.  No salt, chicken or fish or even veggies yet.  My first daughter was alergic to many things so this is the main reason I am slowly introducing other stuff as well.

Ahh you know what they definitely LOVE?  Pumpkin puree.  Steamed, mashed and added a wee bit of breastmilk from my occasional pumping to empty the breast.  Formula does it too.  Ok I am not a monster for feeding my babies formula. I somehow feel you think that hahaha.  What do you hear when you feed them this?

More Mommy more.  Ok like they can say anything yet.   But I can tell.  Hahahah.

So no porridge and more fun stuff, huh. 

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