Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Todd's Issue - adjusting

My daughter has an issue with new friends, new place, new teachers.  Or rather, I've got issue with her reserved personality, where its hard for her to adjust to a whole new environment.  Ada sedikit kebimbangan di situ. But when I spoke to her montessori teacher, he said this is normal for kids her age.  They will learn, so I need not worry.  Hemmm.

Yesterday I picked her up from her 'transit' day care - which she started a week ago to get used to before when she starts school on the 6th.  She cried, with her sad face, mengunyah nasi.  I asked her, what's wrong baby?  Terkebil- kebil, mencebik- cebik anak kesayangan nak bagitau Mommy.  Cikgu dia cakap, dia teringat cikgu di taska lama (Transit ni pon actually bawah the same taska, tapi sebab transit and daycare tak boleh campur, lain la cikgu nye).  Haiiihhh.  Mengeluh Mommy.  I suppose dari air muka Cikgu, mungkin Cikgu pon tak de effort nak memujuk dia supaya biasa?  She maybe a 3 years old but she's a baby at heart.  Always my baby.  

Lepas tu bila investigate dalam kereta, rupanya, 1) ada kawan baling batu pada muka dia, 2) kakak rindu Cikgu Nurul.  Haiyoooooo.  Makes me wonder what she is gona be like on the 6th?  I know there will be familiar faces there, but I must admit that I am a tad worried that she will take some time to adjust (she did take almost a month getting used to when she was moved from a 2 years old room to 3 years old room at day care!).  Lagi-2 akan jadi masalah nak start school bila...

#she said she didn't like the school uniform.  T-shirt and long pants are not her stuff.  She prefers dresses.  
#new teacher, new faces.  
#she feels like there's a lot more responsibilities.  With Iqra', learning activities etc.  I hope they're not too boring for her.
#school does not have an open playground.  You know la, mesti la dalam shoplots kan.  I think this is going to make a different to her too.  

Tapi takpala.  All these are going to teach her that in life, you will meet new people, new stuff.  You don't always like everybody, neither should you try to please everybody.  People will annoy you, hurt you, make you angry, but some will love you for who you truly are.  I guess it's time to welcome you my dear child, to the real life :)

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