Thursday, January 07, 2016

How I lived 2015

SO we said goodbye to 2015 a week ago.  I am taking the opportunity to wish everyone Happy New Year.

2015 was THE year for me.  It was the year to be remembered, but not at all missed.  I hadn't done much in achieving the year resolution, whatever that was I recorded at the beginning.  Oh wait, I didn't have any, because the year did not start that well.

  • It was the year I though I was going to lose my mom.  Alhamdulillah, we still have her today.  She isn't the same person, to her and those around her, maybe, but she is the same mom who gave birth to the 6 of us, our first teacher, this lady who put herself last in everything.  We can never repay all that she had done, so the least we can do for Mak now is look after her.  Subhanallah, the feeling to be able to look after her is so beautiful, though sometimes heartbreaking at the same time.  

  • In the same year, I made a huge step to change job.  I had left my comfort zone for good 6 years.  No regrets, no looking back, although I do miss the people back there.  They had been so kind to me.  I took up new challenges, bringing new hope and dream with me.  

Ok, these next two are interesting hahaha.  The 7X kilogram me, did something un-expected last year.  No no I did not lose weight, at least not much.  I did lose 5kg of my post-pregnancy weight but I am happy with my weight now.  What I did were entered myself into;

  • My first marathon.  I ran my first marathon Subhanallah.  My first 10KM at Larian MAKSAK in Putrajaya.  I wasn't that great, it was half-run and half-walk kinda thing.  Ah well maybe mostly walk :P but it doesn't matter, I did what was beyond me.  It was indeed an experience to be remembered.  It took me 1 hour 30 minutes or so to finish 10km guys.  Inconsistent training, losing my breath but I was one happy Mommy when I got to the finish line.  Superb, I tell you.  I had never done anything like this, and I will do it again. 

  • Then, I also joined the Reebok Spartan Race.  This was a total challenge guys.  I took myself to the next level.  Like literally hahahahaha.  It was a hurdle race, with like 20 over challenges including fire, barb wire, mud, and all that heavy and dirty stuff.  Not my thing but it was totally worth it.  The race had changed the way I think of myself, my abilities and everything about me.  Well, it was all about me which was why I decided to join the race.  I wanted to do something nice for myself after all these years, after all had happened.
Photo Credit: Reebok Spartan Website

It wasn't all good, but it was a year to remember.  Welcome 2016.

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