Friday, September 02, 2016

Sufma Fun Run 2016 , couldn't be worse for me

Oh this fun run I attended during the Merdeka week was an act of desperation - to run and get fit, get a medal.  Life was too hectic I was missing all the great running events :( .  So since the fun run was part of where I work's event I decided to register myself.  I went on my own, this time without my buddies, but I met some friends from work.  So it wasn't all alone ranger kinda thing hahaha.

Imagine guys, pushing my heavyweight body to do this whenever I can, just because I found peace in doing so... I was surprised myself...

Anyway but this time I was really pushing it. I was sick for a few days already and the night before the event, I was vomiting non-stop.  Didn't know what was wrong until I got my period the next day.  Gosh the tracks were so hilly, it was going upwards all the way, from the beginning. Ahahaha, Ok maybe I exaggerated but the tracks were mostly hilly.

All in all,

My timing was really really really baaaddddddd. It was the longest ever,

My feet hurts,

The flag off was really late it was already sunny when we started, 

It rained during my 7th and 8th kilometres *tears*

But I did it anyway ngeeeeeee

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