Monday, January 25, 2010

Venturing into the motherhood

About five months back, my whole life faced a transition from being a daughter of mak and abah, to a very immature wife.  Though at the age of 26, anyone will be more than mature enough to be a wife, I felt that there was this very childish part of me which was unable to let go of what I had as a single girl.

Today, I am as mature as any mother can be.  It is the best 26th years of my life, the happiest , the greatest rezki of all, and no words can describe how I feel at this very moment.  Only tears of joy, and hubby's laughter and smile which means the world to me now.

It all started when I am a week late from my menses.  I had gone through this last month, but ended up with frustration and tears when four of my pregnancy test (Yes I did four in a day), had shown only a single line.  Two hours after the last test, I got my period.  Knowing my history, my period had never lapsed before.  It only started after I got married, then my period started going cuckoo.  So I thought, nope I am not going to go through the emotional pain once again.  I will go to the doctor and ask for his advice on how I can possibly regulate my period.  He insisted that I do a pregnancy test, which I also insisted that I can't bear the frustration if it turns negative.  The third time he insisted, he called his nurse to assist me with my test.

I waited for five minutes, and was then called in by the nurse.  I saw the smiling face of the doctor, and the pregnancy test on his desk.  Two lines!  I quickly tried to recall, is two or one line for positive?  Quick, which one is it.  I just couldn't register.  Until he said 'congratulations', and started explaining to me on what I should and shouldn't do or eat.  And blah blah blah, I was already over the moon and didn't hear a word he was saying.

I left, and started texting hubby, got to the office and send my best buddies email and text messages to inform them of the news.  It was so great, my hands were trembling, shaking like nobody's business.  It was then I realised that in 9 months, my life and my routine will change!!!

I started doing my research online as a beloved friend of mine recommended a website that I can use to read about pregnancy and guidelines.  Thanks Zai for sharing the information with me.  Oh well, according to the site my baby is now the size of a poppy seed.  Here's an image, and I hope it doesn't scare you :

Exciting, isn't it?  I promise myself that I will take care of this baby, this little creature growing inside of me will be taken care of very dearly.  I will eat healthy and give it only the best nutrient, the happiest moment.  Pray for only the best, for me, my baby and hubby.  As for me, I sure do feel like a mother already!


Diana Abdul Molok @ TRS


Omorfi Zoi said...

take care beb..happy for u n bob :)

Diana said...

thank u my dear...words can't express our feeling as mother and mother to be kan???