Monday, January 31, 2011

Please remind me of how lucky I am to be...

It's one of those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and thought 'It has been almost five months but I still look pregnant', remember that there are other women out there who would want to be fat and pregnant!

Then you see those stretch marks, though not much and thought 'There goes my soft and smooth skin', be reminded that another woman would rather have that stretch marks.

Whenever you are pressured by the sound of your baby screaming, remember that many other women out there are desperate to drown in that noise.

And when you think of how much social life you had missed, think of how others would rather take your place and be home with their babies.

So when you think I have forgotten these things, please remind me of how lucky I am to be where I a now....

*Just a thought when I looked in the mirror this morning*

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