Friday, June 10, 2011

Broke my Medela Freestyle tubing!

How silly was I...  This was what happened to my favourite breast pump.  Pffffffftttt. Notice the slit?  It was my fault, I had wrongly folded the tubing.
My broken Medela Freestyle tubing! Must get a replacement soon!
The tubing is an essential part of the pump.  Without a proper working tubing, milk expression doesn't work that well, or may not work at all.  Here's the result of pumping with a broken tubing,

A mother's frustration.  I was never really blessed with lodsa milk, but this was beyond anything.

That was after 3 times pumping.  So mothers, can you understand my frustration?  :-(

Edit: Where can you get medela freestyle tubing replacement?
I got them here:  Such a lovely lady.  She supplied my medela freestyle pump.  Great after sale support, very friendly and helpful mother.

You can also try if they have it in their stock.  I normally buy bottles from them.

If you happen to bet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, do visit first floor because there's several shops there that supplies breastpump and its parts.  But when I tried to get mine, they were out of stocks.

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