Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can I have some me time? Please???

A mother and a wife who's also juggling career and every other things at the same time must have felt what I felt.  Only a mother would know how this feel.  A husband would understand, yes, but to what extend?  Penat, penat dan penat.  Hey, life isn't a bed of roses.  Having that little kiddie of yours by your side is fun, watching her learn, imitates everything she sees, running around the house waiting for you to catch.  Seronok, tapi at the same time minda akan terasa penat nye.  Orang yang tak faham, mungkin akan rasa yeppp, this lady is complaining.  When she has everything that any other woman wants, she complains.  Please don't judge... 

Imagine, waking up middle of the night cause your baby wants milk or her diaper is wet for sometimes more than 3 times.  Then waking up early to rush for work, while your baby screams in your ears.  Rush out, get stuck in traffic, quick breakfast, work, lunch, think hard and work, and then back to the traffic.  You get home to a clingy baby, while you cook she just continue screaming for attention.  You gota cook, no?  Can't eat outside everyday, kopaaakkk der kalau hari- hari makan kat luar.  Dinner is ready, you put her in her high chair next to you.  Have your dinner without the chance to properly chew, just swallow because your baby wants attention!  That's right, anak tu rasa lonely sebab dah ditinggalkan seharian.  Then there's laundry, dishes and any other house chores you can think of.  Your baby cries and scream, again, for that attention.  Sedar- sedar je dah pukul 10 malam.  You're worn out, baby's tired.  It's time for bed.  The whole cycle goes over and over again.  You don't know when it really started.  

So is it wrong if I want to have some me time?  

For me, nope.  It is just about the right thing to do.  I want to pamper myself, on my own, shopping, facial and spa time, hanging out with girlfriends, karaoke night.  Just once a year would be great.  Ingat, seorang ibu dan isteri juga perlukan ruang.  Bukan untuk mengabaikan tanggungjawab sebagai isteri dan ibu, tapi untuk dia mencari dirinya sendiri.  So that all that stress is relieved, all that pressure is gone.  Selagi tidak melampaui batas dan mendapat izin dari suami, takde salahnya kan?  Isteri dan ibu juga manusia, yang hati dan diri nya perlu dijaga.  A well- rested woman, akan menghasilkan seorang isteri yang penuh senyuman dan sentiasa bersyukur dan redha.  Juga akan menjadi seorang ibu yang baik pada anak- anak.  This is why some 'me time' is important.  

Ladies, pay attention to your body signals which which will tell you when you're exhausted and have had enough.  Men, take note!  

As for me, when I get too tired headache will strike.  My eyes get watery and sore that I can't sleep.  My back and joints will ache and I will have too much coffee, more than I can bear.  The biggest signal is when everything around me feels wrong and I get angry on just about everything.  Others may have experienced worse signs such as nausea and thyroids.  Anyway just try to remember (telling myself as well) - chronic exhaustion may cause heart diseases and other health issues.  You wouldn't want that because you want to see your child grow, go to University, get a good job, get married and have children.  

After posting this, I had thought of one 'me' activity other than shopping or manicure pedicure.  I want to take up gardening!  Tanam bunga cantik- cantik keliling rumah.  Biar hati gumbira.... Oh... Dan sekembang bunga-bungaan. Hehehe,,, 


meriahceria said...

hahahah...sampai sini dah aku nih..hehehehe...bole da komen

Diana Abdul Molok said...

Julie- hahaha yer sampai juge ko yek. Mari mari mengomen hahaha