Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Cloth diapering experience

It has been months and months of cloth diapering that I have forgotten how long Ayesha Amani is on them.  I have bought quite a lot now, and am very much satisfied and loving every single piece of them.  Mind you though so far I have tried only two brands, Coolababy and Autumnz.  Why these two, because these are the brands that I was introduced to by friends, they are quite affordable and easily accessible - as in easy to purchase online, at baby store and at the expo. 

Based on my own observation I notice that the Autumnz brand is a bit thicker as compared to .  Though thick, I hadn’t seen any discomfort in Ayesha at all.  I think she loves the fact that cloth diapers had made her feel so comfortable down there and that she is also nappy rash-free!  The inserts from Coolababy (the one you insert into your cloth diaper) are also, I found to be a bit short which is a disadvantage to me because it had caused several leakage on my child who, believe me, couldn’t sit still unless she’s sleeping.

I purchased the Coolababy ones from  As for Autumnz, I bought some at this shop called Ovo in The Curve Mutiara Damansara, a few online and most of them at baby fair in Mid Valley.  Been to several already and trust me, you’ll get the best deal at the Autumnz booth (ohh and all the nursing top too *grin). 

Some of the things I learned from cloth diapering which I thought I could share with you guys (Do correct me if some of ‘terms’ are wrong, ya?):

  • The type of cloth diapers that I know, offers several type of material for the outer part.  There’s micro fibre, and the ‘minky’ type and whatever other types there are.
  • There’s stick on or also known as velcro’ type or you have the choice of button to keep the diapers intact.  I have both, but the stick on requires special care which means you have to fold it before washing.  One of the velcro type I purchased is already damaged L
  • I learnt that you can machine was the diapers, but must get rid of the poop and brush them first!  Avoid using softener (this is also normally mentioned on the packaging) as it reduces absorbency.
  • You must wash them first before using the first time!  The absorbency will increase after several washing.  
  • It is cheaper to buy them at ‘expos’ or baby fair y’all!  Seriously!!! You could get Autumnz for RM27 (plain) and RM28 (printed).  No kidding!
  • There are just too many cute designs!!!
  • Your baby bum bum look cute in them (LOL).
  • This means no throwing your money into the bin.  Heartache, no?  Throwing expensive diapers into the bin?  Economical is the word.
  • Yes it suits lazy moms too! 
  • Use two inserts when used at night especially if you feel that your baby has had too much to drink before bed.  This will avoid leakage,  trust me its not pretty~
  • Train your spouse to use them too, this will help a lot.
  • No you’re not cheapskate just because you’re using cloth.  If its anything it makes you wayyy cooler than any other mom out there.
  • You have just saved the environment.
Now that I’m done, I can’t think of any other reasons not to use them.  But yeahhh I only use them when I am around.  Dare not add extra work for the nanny.  I want a happy nanny for my child and cloth diapers may turn her bitter :p .  There you go, there’s 1 reason not to use it full time.  But if you feel that your child’s caregiver maybe able to accept this fulltime, by all means… Don’t forget to provide a dirty diaper pail for your caregiver ya? 

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