Thursday, July 12, 2012


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All my life I had tried my best to avoid dentist visit.  Took great care of my teeth as a child, and believe me, never had tooth extraction at the clinic.  Whenever Abah mentioned that I was to go to dentist to pull that one out, I did my very best to extract the teeth on my own.  

As a teenagers, I never did the routine checkup.  I remember throughout high school it was either the compulsary dental check up in school or none.  Oh wait, there was once in year 9 where I had chewed some sweets and my premolar broke into pieces (the same one causing the problem now). 

Then came the wisdom tooth season, and the four 'gang' didn't grow up properly.  Two were impacted and I was given the option to take out all 4, i.e. no option.  Then I dreaded once again, hospitalized for 3 days, went through General Anaesthetic to extract the 4 beauties, NOT.  One painful procedure, I remember I couldn't have proper food for 2 months and ended up losing 13 kilos.  Not to worry, I gained more than that now.

I got pregnant years after that and was forced to have at least one dental check up.  Couldn't drink milk due to lactose intolerance and so I had brittle teeth just as brittle as my nails.  I often skipped the calcium pills prescribed too, because I am simply bad with pills.  Went during the second trimester, at 7 months.  Doctor said condition was really bad and too late to do anything.  That was all to that.  Didn't have the gut to revisit.

Came breastfeeding years (of about 2 now) and I simply couldn't take it anymore.  I had cavities, and it was a deep one.  This one had pressed my nerve and caused great pain even as I swallowed.  Toughened up and call the dentist nearby.  Guess what, 3 painful visits.  Had to do 'root canal treatment', and believe me.  I cried during the second and third visit.  

Through this recent visit I am reminded why I hated dentist so much.  With dentist, you often feel helpless.  Its like your life is in their hands, and you watch them kill you.  Seriously.  That's how I feel.  No matter how nice the doctors are.  Sigh.  I would rather go through labour pain, at least the pain is sweet.

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