Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You make me wanna say Owh My God (OMG)

"U talking to me, dude? Huh? Huh"
There are so many things that makes me go OMG these days.  All things secret.  All things you gotta keep to yourself.  Can't talk about it.

So you just go OMG.  OMG non- stop.  Be it good stuff, or bad.  It remains OMG.

So OMG it is for the rest of this life...

Nampak macam pointless entry ni tapi ada maksud tersurat dan tersirat yang tak dapat diungkapkan dengan keyboard hahahah.


Lawa Creative said...

hoi tak baik buat kami tertanya2...OMG what what????

Diana Abdul Molok said...

yehhhh yehhh you make me wana say OMG