Sunday, January 17, 2016

Melawati 10km Run

It was something I was looking forward to , to kick start my 2016 😝😝😝.  Although already in the midst of Jan 16, but this was my first "me" time after a hectic end of year and early 2016.

I wasn't that great, imagine carrying my heavy body weight uphill several times It was like suicide hahaha.  The route was quite challenging for a beginner like me because there were several spots that were very hilly for my level.  Though the weather had been kind to us, it was cool along the way.

But strong determination brought me to the finish line.  Gotta admit that I feel more fit now that this was my third of such event.  My timing was better, and yes I only did walk a few miles while the rest was slow jog.  If anything I was proud of me.

Nice t-shirt, stunning looking medal, cereals and yummy milo, interesting zumba at the end of the event.  Parking was convenient, marshalls were everywhere to control the traffic and to make sure everyone followed the correct route.   One thing I didn't quite like was the fact that there were only 2 water stations.  I wish I brought along my water bottle which I decided to leave in the car.

Looking forward to my next run.  

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