Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Potty training the twins

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I have been potty training my 3 years old twins for almost 3 weeks now, on a part-time basis. Well, what can I do the 'take a week off from work to potty train' does not work for a working mommy with work schedules like me.

Gotta admit that it ain't no easy job. It was too frustrating at first because I kept mentally comparing my eldest ability to quickly adapt to toilet training. These twins I tell you, are double trouble, double the mess. They do the normal stuff any potty-trained beginners would do, like pee a few seconds after you asked them if they need to go... And only tell you that they need to go after they'd done their business.

My twins have progressed differently in every single development. The second twin, Adrina was able to walk and talk first and her motor skills progressed well in most things.  However my first twin, Zehra surprised me so much... She was able to grasp the idea pretty quickly and had obediently asked to be taken to the loo every time she needed to do her business.  Both of them have had several occasions of 'accidents', up until now in fact... But what made me smile the most was how they try to clean after the mess themselves when they had that accidental poop or pee on the floor. It's so messy I tell you, I scream in my head everytime they did because it's just adding more mess when they attempt to clean.

I could never have done it alone.  Like I said, I don't have the leisure of taking a week off of work just to potty train.  I tagged-team with her caregiver who kindly offered to be part of their potty trainer.  I am blessed to have such assistance being offered.  I don't have list of 10 magical tips that'll help your kids with potty training. I can tell you, if you're like me, the training pants, the day off, did not work for me. But here are small tips that you may try which may/ may not work for you if you're also a working mommy.

#1 Patience is the key. Screaming at them when they accidentally did their business in the pants or floor will only scare them.

#2 If their answer was no when you asked that they need to go, take them anyway.

#3 Peer influence had worked really well for my kids. My first saw the cousin she is closed to consistently going to the loo and she learnt to do it too.  Now my eldest is the twins 'inspiration' for anything that they gotta do inclusive toilet habit.

#4 I made going to the loo fun. Fancy toilet seat, cute stool for them to step on themselves, and we'd race ourselves to the loo. My kids love winning.

#5 Get support from your child caregiver.  They are more experienced than you, some of them.  The kids' caregiver has had years of experiences in early child development.  I am lucky to have her support all the way.

Oh by the way, whatever you do, don't be pressured by others' success stories. Every child progress differently so don't let these type of mommies spoil your mood ya. I didn't let anyone get to me no matter what. They're your kids you know best.  My twins are not 100% diapers-free yet but I'm gonna let them take their time.  No pressure to grow up kids. Pray that all is well soon.

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